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Providing Home Services

Whether you are checking the latest sport scores, performing online banking or downloading the holiday recipe, your computer is an important and integral part of your home.  It could be that your child is using the computer to complete their homework, chat with their friends or attempting to defeat the evil war lords in the latest online game.  It doesn’t become important until the computer isn’t working because of what appears to be an unsurpassable issue.  I can assist you in troubleshooting the problem.  Working together, I can explain what the problem is and why it occurred, and solve the issue so it becomes not just a “repair and forget” moment, but a learning experience.

I can assist you with:

  • Determine the correct laptop/desktop for your needs
  • Set up your computer and first time use
  • Training for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Set up your home wired and wireless network and protect it from outside intruders
  • Work with you to get you started with products like Microsoft Office
  • Troubleshoot pesky problems related to malware and spyware
  • Install anti-virus, malware and spyware software
  • Troubleshoot hardware issues, order parts and repair desktops
  • Upgrade desktop computers if required
  • Educate you on why backups are so important to perform and set up offline backups as needed
  • Assist in setting up your printer
  • Explain computer jargon with everyday meaning and explanations
  • Assist in setting up a regular maintenance schedule for your computer such as clearing temporary files, defragmentation and updating installed software
  • Assist in creating personal websites through WordPress or Godaddy's Web Builder
  • Create customized Microsoft Access database for home or office

I do not endorse one software product over another and are familiar with most common utilities to keep your Microsoft Windows environment running smoothly.

Once there is an established partnership, phone support or remote assistance is available.